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Biggest project to date!

Behind the name 'Fleur'

I am a young, driven individual who has always had the hands on approach to life - addicted to all things DIY!

My first memory of DIY was learning how to use my mother's sewing machine at the age of 8 years old! Since then, there hasn't been a single thing I didn't feel like I couldn't do myself. My projects have included everything from building my own furniture, to making clothes, to making all my wedding decor by hand - you name it.. I've made it!

You might be pondering about our name.. Well let me explain why I have chosen 'Paper La Fleur'. Naturally all our products are made with paper, but Fleur is actually a generation name that has been passed down in my family. My grandmothers name was Fleur, my mothers name is Fleur-Riette(little flower), my second name is Fleur and my daughters second name is Fleur! What better way to show my love for this little business than to bring our family name into it.

Paper La Fleur all started when my best friends wanted a flower wall backdrop for their wedding. Real flowers was the original idea, until the costs started to show otherwise. So, naturally I suggested paper flowers that I could make by hand - their trust in me paid off! Since their wedding, I have been overwhelmed with inquiries regarding walls for all sorts of functions.

And so, a business was born! We at Paper La Fleur, are happy to provide you with any and all types of custom paper flowers, walls and backdrops - We're all about the personal touch, but most importantly for-filling dreams by working within your budget! 

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